Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Swag Swap!

Last month I took part in a Blogger Swag Swap hosted by Kassie @ Southern Girl Gets Fit! Since I am brand new to blogging, I was super excited about this opportunity to meet a new friend and fellow blogger! On November 1st we were emailed our partner's name/contact information and some ideas of their favorite things. I was paired up with a girl from Atlanta, GA - Hayley @ Fit to Fat & Back! Her list of favorite things included her favorite colors - coral and turquoise, her favorite workout - circuit training, guilty pleasure - Starbucks, and her hobbies - reading, cooking, and being crafty. But this information left me wanting/needing  MORE...I decided to stalk look for her on Facebook and see if she had a blog! After some research I found a blog that I was pretty sure belonged to my swap partner; I learned that she is also new to blogging and around the same age as myself! With this information in mind I set out to shop for her, unfortunately I am a perfectionist and made this task much harder than it probably needed to be. After much procrastination on my part (my schedule with school and work have been CRAZY BUSY), I finally got her package put together and mailed on November 29th (CROSSING MY FINGERS SHE DOESN'T HATE IT)!

Then just a few days later I received MY package in the mail from Hayley!
Look at the beautiful butterfly mailer she sent it all in!
She incorporated my LOVE for PINK throughout the whole package with some beautiful earrings, hair ties, pink camo nail strips (I ALSO HEART CAMO), and some assorted food goodies!

The magazine came with a sweet note that I would have a subscription coming in the mail to me (what a GREAT IDEA). She also sent me some socks to go jogging in (I forgot to include in my favorites for her, but I have an obsession with STARS and the socks she picked out had stars - how PERFECT)! She bundled a few of her favorite protein bars, 2 of which I have never had and I am looking forward to trying them! A PINK bag and stocking ornament completed my awesome swag!

THANK YOU HAYLEY for my SWEET PACKAGE! You did an incredible job finding swag to match my personality! It seems we are at about the same point on our weight-loss journey and I look forward to tackling the lbs together! I'm proud of your accomplishments so far and thankful for your inspiration..."know that I'll be rooting for YOU" from southwest FL!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shout out to a few favorites!

I am beginning this blog as a place to share my heart - my life as a newlywed, my journey of getting fit, finishing school, and ultimately starting a family (hopefully in the not so distant future)! It is funny that I find myself here in the blogging world, if you had asked me 6 months ago if I would ever start a blog, the answer would have been NO. But within the last 2 months I have religiously begun following several fitness blogs and can't even begin to tell you just how encouraging they have been in my life. These women's blogs are more than just the common weight lose success stories; they are a real life look into the exciting, frustrating, sometimes down right hard journey of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A HUGE SHOUT out to the following blogs that helped me get back on track with my weight lose journey and are the main reason I have decided to begin my own blog!Mama LaughlinMiss Madison's Charmed LifeWhere We Can Live Like Jack & SallySouthern Girl Gets FitElle NoelCoffee Cake and Cardio I'm so grateful for ya'lls openness and honesty in sharing your life, keep doing what you do best, as I know I am not alone in saying that your journey is a huge inspiration!